How to realize one-way rotation of Clutch bearings

Time:2022-05-06 13:53:20

  Depends on what kind of one-way bearing. One-way thrust bearings can bear axial force, such as one-way thrust ball bearings, which can bear axial load in one direction, and can be used for axial positioning in one direction, but must not bear any radial load. One-way thrust ball bearings include a shaft washer, a seat washer and a steel ball, an overrunning clutch cage assembly. The one-way thrust ball bearing is a separate type, and the shaft washer, seat washer, and steel ball-cage assembly can be installed separately. A one-way bearing is a bearing that can rotate freely in one direction and lock in the other direction. One-way bearing is also called overrunning clutch, but it is named according to the different functions of one-way bearing-overrunning clutch-CSK one-way bearing-AS one-way bearing- Bearing Co., Ltd. The metal shell of the one-way bearing contains many rollers, needles or balls, and the shape of its rolling seat (hole) enables it to roll only in one direction, and will produce a lot of resistance in the other direction ( so-called "one-way"). The main performance of the one-way overrunning clutch can only be that the maintenance work of the transmission torsion bearing is similar, the relative movement of the rolling element and the raceway and the intrusion of pollutants and dust, the overrunning clutch causes the rolling element and the raceway surface to wear. Affects the accuracy of the host. Bearings for silent machinery, the usual maintenance is mainly to prevent the intrusion of pollutants and dust. Some improvement technical measures can be selected to move forward to achieve more satisfactory needs. Change the lubrication method, such as the use of oil and gas, oil mist and jet lubrication; improve cooling conditions, etc. Preventing the deterioration and accelerated aging of the grease affects whether the lubricating function of the grease decreases. moment; bearing axial and radial force is very small. It is generally used in conjunction with bearings. If the high speed of 6000 rpm and 6500 rpm is combined with the transmission torque, it is still possible to rotate. If it is separated and overrun, it is easy to heat up; the wear is large, and the overrunning clutch is damaged quickly.